Turkish Delight

So I was pursuing the local Publix (Where Shopping is a Pleasure), when I decided to take a left turn down the “ethnic” isle. At the British section I grab some tea biscuits (to have with my English Breakfast Tea) and I came across a new and exotic candy my American eyes have never seen before.

Fry’s Turkish Delight. Intriguing! The only thing I know about Turkish Delight is that kid in the Narnia stories really liked it. So I decided to give it a try.

I brought it home and shared it with my husband. His comment “It tastes like shoes smells covered in chocolate.”. Hmmmm not exactly a ringing endorsement. My own opinion, well it has an odd consistency, sort of like a gum drop or a jelly bean inside, but softer. It had a vaguely fruity taste, it just felt so weird to bite through. I didn’t mind the taste, but I don’t think I’ll be buying it again. The chocolate exterior was fine, it was just the weird gel that got me.

Never be afraid to try new things!.

Chocolate Chip Scones

One evening I got it into my head that I wanted tea & scones. Well I have plenty of tea, my favorite kind being English Breakfast, but no scones. So my husband and I decided we would give baking some scones from scratch a try.

Now if you aren’t familar with scones, they are sort of like a sweet biscuit, not as sweet as a cookie though. The batch we whipped up were from All Recipes, and feature chocolate chips! From what I’ve come to understand a traditional scone will have dried fruit in it, like cranberries.


Some folks do a “drop biscuit” kind of scone, but we used a biscuit cutter to shape ours.

After the scones were done I made us cups of English Breakfast with sweetner and milk and we ate a few while they were still warm. so good! Next time I want to try the fruit version and top them with jam and whipped cream like the English do!.