Tangled – Rapunzel Cake

I recently made a Rapunzel-themed cake and cupcakes for a 6 year old’s birthday. I loved the movie so making the cake and cupcakes was a joy!

Rapunzel is on a carrot cake with raisins and walnuts, covered with a cream cheese buttercream frosting, covered and decorated with marshmallow fondant. Rapunzel is hand-painted on marshmallow fondant.

The cupcakes were devil’s food with chocolate buttercream frosting, decorated with hand-painted marshmallow fondant disks..

Keylime Cupcakes

These were so good! A vanilla cupcake with a fresh keylime custard piped into it, then covered with a keylime buttercream, topped with a keylime slice and green sprinkles. So delicious!


Chocolate Chip Scones

One evening I got it into my head that I wanted tea & scones. Well I have plenty of tea, my favorite kind being English Breakfast, but no scones. So my husband and I decided we would give baking some scones from scratch a try.

Now if you aren’t familar with scones, they are sort of like a sweet biscuit, not as sweet as a cookie though. The batch we whipped up were from All Recipes, and feature chocolate chips! From what I’ve come to understand a traditional scone will have dried fruit in it, like cranberries.


Some folks do a “drop biscuit” kind of scone, but we used a biscuit cutter to shape ours.

After the scones were done I made us cups of English Breakfast with sweetner and milk and we ate a few while they were still warm. so good! Next time I want to try the fruit version and top them with jam and whipped cream like the English do!.

Doctor Who Tardis Cake

For a friends recent birthday I created Doctor Who themed desserts. The cake is called a Tardis, and it’s how the Doctor and his companions travel through space and time. The cake was vanilla which I colored to match the outside, it was covered in buttercream and decorated with marshmallow fondant.

The cupcakes were chocolate with a Kaluha mocha buttercream frosting, and decorated with hand-painted marshmallow fondant disks.


Bass Guitar Cake

I recently participated at the Rock and Roll Throwathon at the Morean Center for Clay in St. Petersburg, FL. The Throwathon featured 6 potters giving live demonstrations accompanied by some classic rock and roll.

For the 2 day event I made a bass guitar cake and some coconut cupcakes. The bass was half chocolate and half vanilla cake, covered with buttercream and decorated with marshmallow fondant. I had a blast at the Throwathon and even made some pottery myself!