Chocolate Chip Scones

One evening I got it into my head that I wanted tea & scones. Well I have plenty of tea, my favorite kind being English Breakfast, but no scones. So my husband and I decided we would give baking some scones from scratch a try.

Now if you aren’t familar with scones, they are sort of like a sweet biscuit, not as sweet as a cookie though. The batch we whipped up were from All Recipes, and feature chocolate chips! From what I’ve come to understand a traditional scone will have dried fruit in it, like cranberries.


Some folks do a “drop biscuit” kind of scone, but we used a biscuit cutter to shape ours.

After the scones were done I made us cups of English Breakfast with sweetner and milk and we ate a few while they were still warm. so good! Next time I want to try the fruit version and top them with jam and whipped cream like the English do!.