Bass Guitar Cake

I recently participated at the Rock and Roll Throwathon at the Morean Center for Clay in St. Petersburg, FL. The Throwathon featured 6 potters giving live demonstrations accompanied by some classic rock and roll.

For the 2 day event I made a bass guitar cake and some coconut cupcakes. The bass was half chocolate and half vanilla cake, covered with buttercream and decorated with marshmallow fondant. I had a blast at the Throwathon and even made some pottery myself!


Sugar Free Cookies

Well I tried making up a batch of sugar-free sugar cookies from a recipe I found on Mahalo unfortunately they did not taste nearly as good as they looked! I had a diabetic friend give one a test bite and my fears were confirmed. No way no how!

I’d love to find a good recipe like this, one where I can use my cookie cutters and be able to decorate. But so far that magic recipe is eluding me!.

Seashell Cake

I found a wonderful cake mold and of course I had to try it out right away! The cake is devil’s food, with a mocha butttercream frosting. The cake was then decorated with marshmellow fondant, then painted to look more realistic. The mini seashells are also marshmellow fondant.

Seashell cake.